Frame was created as a site-specific piece to be adapted to a variety of settings varying in architectural structure and audience mobilization. Frame depicts movement stories that can be viewed from many different angles when performed at a site different than a traditional stage. The beginning sections represent false concepts of comfort and security, which in the end prove to be more harmful than helpful. Topics as varied as insurance, Internet technology, cosmetics, plastic water bottles, etc., were created by and are presented as solos by 5 dancers. Depending on the location, the audience is intended to walk freely through the space experiencing the work from a variety of frames, or,in other words, perspectives. Later sections, which include duets, trios, and quintets offer to the viewer the kind of beauty that emerges in an empty floor where dancers can exploit areas of the selected site through the simple act of moving- in absence of material consumer goods. One section of this work was developed with bungee cords hanging from a grid. Original music is by Ecuadorian composer Nelson García, which aids transitions from section to section fluidly and dramatically.
The last performance was commissioned by the Mayor’s Office for the Americans for the Arts convention at Macaw Hall’s exterior at Seattle Center, which had 1,200 participants.