Nincompoopiana, a dance and puppetry piece choreographed by Carla Barragán, weaves real and made-up scenarios in which the five larger than life puppets portray archetypes that seemingly don't get along, but realize they do need each other to survive. The project The project had a long run in which it was presented in it’s entirety at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, and at public schools. It will be shown at Click TV On Demand, in Tacoma, during an entire year. Original sketches for puppets are by Paula Barragán, but the puppet complete design and construction in their tri-dimensional form are by Carla Barragán. Original music is by Nelson García. The exciting challenge for the dancers that Carla leads through her company BQdanza has been to develop the performance language. Puppetry, in current modern dance is rare and the company members were excited about exploring its theatrical possibilities through dance, fusing puppetry with a contemporary dance language. The brightly colored puppets are larger than life.  They are humanoid creatures in shape, but are not of this world. The outer layer (the puppet skin) is decorated with tattoo-like designs that communicate aspects of each character, and the costumes re-shape the dancers’ bodies.