Cuando tu te hayas ido (When you have departed)

Co-production: Birlibirloque/Siglo Veintiúnico


The Mexican musicians and visual/ video artists together with the Ecuadorian dancer create an art video through a series of improvisations that take place in a colonial leather fabric/convent that has remained in ruins during the last half a century. The site offers outstanding visuals and sounds that the artists explore through improvisations listening to the sounds it offers as well as the spaces it provides for movement. This enabled them to vanish the idea of the traditional stage and proposed instead a wider concept, in which each movement and sound becomes a symbiotic part of the whole piece. "Cuando tu te hayas ido" is the title of a Latin American song that speaks of shadows that will overcome a lover once the loved one departs. This vestige of colonial architecture is going to be transformed into a mall and a deluxe hotel which is the reason why the artists found it imperative to honor the site by exploring its soul and spirit.

Cholula Siglo Veitiúnico
Local experimental musician Gabriel Luna and visual artist Antonio Alvarez Morán, as well as several others have gathered to explore alternative music making since 1990. In 1997 Peter Garland, an American composer (greatly supported by John Cage), and sculptor/musician Sam Lemly, invite the "Poblanos" to play "matracas" during the International Performance Festival. The encounter renovated these artists' interest in improvisation-based experimental music and the search of alternative sources of sound. The group creates sound and video recordings and also performs live. They participated in the "Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro de 2001" where they played Miguel Hernandez Urban's steel sculptures under the name of "Los Super Licenciados Inoxidables".