Kuxan Suum

Note: Kuxan Suum and Estrellata are pleces featured during 2005, see Calendar.


Kuxan Suum, a contemporary dance piece inspired in a Mayan belief of mans’ synergy with the universe, also portrays the opposite, that is, social unease.The Mayans believed that each human being could open a connection from their chest to the matrix of knowledge that permeates and connects the entire universe, and thus get their questions answered. They called this matrix the Kuxan Suum.

The work speaks through movement portraits of separation, the absurd, loneliness in crowds, mistreatment and invalidation. There are sections that reflect symbiosis:intricate patterns of space and time interwoven by the dancers’ movement and energycalled the same reflects instances of social relationships that portray the interdependence, need and permeability of human beings. It also reflects modern man’s choice of ignoring this need of synergy when we most need to: in the midst of current global hardship. Kuxan Summ is accompanied by The Atomic Chamber Ensemble, a group of accoustic guitar virtuosos. (www.atomicchamberensemble.com)

Estrellata, a made-up Spanish word (referring to something of the sort of a star collision), is a group dance theater piece that portrays the absurdities that emerge from living in community. With the music and some of the dance elements of Tango, the choreographer and dancers collaborated in creating this confined, paranoid, sexy, neurotic explosion of movement and hilarious depiction of characters, crimes, and an incoherent dramatic line. Estrellata is humorous, with a movement vocabulary and partnering that are a blend of modern and ballroom dance with Contact