Mission and philosophy

(statement by Carla Barragan,
BQDanza's director)



BQDanza's work reflects society's events, emotions, and aesthetics through an artistic language based on dance. When BQDanza collaborates with other artists it provides a thorough marriage of the art forms to the audience. Barragan's style is an eclectic combination of the postmodernist North American and Latin American currents, defining its own movement style with principles of Limon, Release and gymnastics. Her work fluctuates between dance-theater and abstract dance. In the first one, she creates characters and movement from human beings' emotions, and in the second one she uses movement to create texture with which she unfolds a form of visual art, using the full stage as a canvas.
Blending the talent and art of other artists into my work is alchemy, and the most exciting moment during my choreographic process. It continuously refreshes my own language of movement and inspires me. Collaboration became a goal in my work as I continued to work with new people in each city I lived during the last ten years. Artists are channels of information. When two artists create together the result is a totally original and innovate art.

My inclination is to break boundaries and work with artists blending medias in order to enrich the resulting work of art. I adopted this purpose in my art because I needed to explore more than pure movement and also understood audiences that believe modern dance is inaccessible.
BQDanza in
One important path that Barragan is solidifying at the moment is arts in education. BQDanza's repertory will soon be accesible to residencies and assemblies for schools, and its content will be age and EARL's appropriatte.